CELEBRATING LIFE! 75 years of Grace

The Daughters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary are in full celebration of life – 75 years of life! And we want to spread our joy to the entire Claretian family. Are you ready? All you need is a heart that is grateful for the past, ready to commit to the present and that is full of hope for the future.

And so in celebration we begin our journey on this website of the Claretian family.

It all began in 1850 in the mind and heart of that great man, San Antonio Mª Claret, when he wrote our foundational book, “Daughters of the Most Holy and Immaculate Heart of Mary”. In those days, the time was not yet ripe for his writings to come to fruition, and his words lived only in a small few women and a few autonomous groups who practiced our spirituality in a personal capacity. But the seed of a great work was quietly evolving (great, because it is from God).

And so it was in 1943, in Plasencia (Spain), when a group of Claretian missionaries picked up the light lit by Father Claret with the desire to make his dream come true, a dream that had been sleeping for so many years in those pages. The book came to be the rule of life for a group of young people who begin to live what they read in those pages, with the dream of becoming a family within the Church, determined to deepen, with their dedication, their newly consecrated life.

Simultaneously the light began to shine in different places in Europe and America and various groups were organized. In all of them, it encouraged a similar lifestyle, already giving way to the creation of a unit that is singularly rich in diversity.

75 years have already passed. In truth, we are aware that it is still very little time, and that we are very young as a family. Yet these have been years of so many graces, so intense in experiences, so rich in blessings and accompanied by the Lord, that the least we can do is to celebrate and to be thankful.

Therefore, we begin a year of thanksgiving with all our hearts with the high points of commemorations happening in August with a Thanksgiving Eucharist on the 12th, at Villa Santa Mónica in Becerril de la Sierra, in Madrid, at 18.3o. Please join us in our thanksgiving! If it cannot be with your presence and company, at least let it be with prayer and supplication so that we can be, in the Church, what Claret dreamed … and he always dreamed big!