The Global Education Pact from the Claretian values

“It is a time to look forward with courage and hope. May we be sustained in this by the conviction that the seed of hope dwells in education: a hope of peace and justice; a hope of beauty, of goodness; a hope of social harmony”.

Pope Francis


Inspired by the words of Pope Francis, we began the fourth day of the World Congress of Claretian Educators with the nostalgia of the past days and, at the same time, with our eyes set on what is to come.

Following the theme programmed for the event, after knowing the reports of the experiences of the Claretian schools during the Pandemic of Covid-19, knowing aspects of innovation in Claretian education, today was the day to turn our attention to the Reading of the Global Education Pact from the Claretian values.

We opened the day with the Claretian community of Congo, of the School Complex María Inmaculada – Mpasa-Kinshasa, who gave us an emotional message of hope and faith.

Dulce María Carvajal, RMI, Prefect of the Apostolate of Latin America, who invited us to feel ourselves a caravan of solidarity, in attentive listening to reflect on a Claretian pedagogy in the light of the Global Pact for Education. Fidelina Torres Mic (Paraguay), professor of formation of Pastoral Agents, invited the participants to reflect on the dimension of the Journey Together from the perspective of the educational pact and the charismatic experience of Claret. Finally, Fr. Enrique Aponte, educator cmf, prefect of apostolate, province of Colombia-Ecuador, using the symbolism of the loom, presented 6 keys to take action in the face of the challenges and lines of action that emerge and will emerge from the pact.

In the second part of the day, the participants went to the workshops chosen in advance, which dealt with the following themes: Dignity and human rights | Integral ecology | Peace and citizenship | Solidarity and development.

We closed the fourth day of the World Congress of Claretian Educators with a sense of achievement and with the feeling that Claretian education will continue with its transforming role, sustained and inspired by the Charism that has been given to us in the person of Claret.

We stand firm for another day of much knowledge.