Meeting of Evangelizers in the Peripheries

Mixco, Guatemala. The Meeting of Evangelizers in the Peripheries called for by the General Prefect of Apostolate, Fr. Artur Texeira, CMF, is currently taking place at the Claret Retreat House in Ciudad San Cristobal, Zona 8 de Mixco, Guatemala City. It started on the 28th of May and will continue until the 2nd of June.

The main objectives of the meeting are the following: 1) Encourage workshops in the analysis of reality, exchange of experiences and training to be able to evangelize creatively in the peripheries; 2) encourage in our Higher Educational Centers and Publications a new biblical-theological and pastoral reflection oriented towards prophetic dialogue; and 3) create spirituality materials that support the evangelizing agents in situations of periphery.

Our brother Missionaries who are working in the different periphery missions of our Congregation around the world were invited to this meeting.  Respected speakers were invited to talk about certain peripheries in our world today. Testimonies and interviews were also prepared and expected to be projected in the hall during these days. You will find some of them below.

More details on the General Apostolate Website: