Online Spiritual Exercises for the Claretian Family

On the 150th anniversary of the death of Saint Anthony Mary Claret, the Claretians of Spain and Portugal offer a series of Spiritual Exercises, open to the Claretian Family.
It will surely be an opportunity that will help us to live more intensely this anniversary of the death of our Founder in communion with all the branchs of the Claretian Family.

The Spiritual Exercises starts on July 12 at 8:00 pm and ends on Saturday, July 18 at 12:00 pm

Offered by Gonzalo Fernández Sanz, CMF (from Rome) and Carlos Sánchez Miranda, CMF (from Vic).

Important information:

  • Every day there will be a half hour meditation from Rome at 10 am and another from Vic at 5 pm. The day will close with a prayer at 8 pm.
  • The meditation language will be spanish.
  • The meditations can be followed on the I-Claret YouTube channel and on the account of the Claretian Missionaries on Facebook.
  • Those who wish to participate must send their request by mail email before June 15 at:
    Every day they will receive a booklet for personal exercises.
  • Likewise, whoever wishes to converse with the animators may do it through the Skype or Zoom platforms.
  • Other details will be sent directly to the email of registered people.