SOS Vythiri – Kerala (INDIA)

Torrential rain and landslides on 8 August 2018 has affected the Claretian community, school and parish in Vythiri (Saint Thomas Province), leaving the ground floor of those facilities submerged in water. Besides the repair of the buildings, vehicles, electronic devices, wells and agricultural crops were also damaged. 5000 people were severely affected by this tragedy.

After the responses of the Claretians, RMI and Lay Claretian Movement, an initial donation was sent while this news of the SOS request has been spread out so that other people, communities, institutions can also respond generously and send their contributions directly either to that Vythiri community of Saint Thomas Province or to our SOS Fund in Rome. Thanks, in advance.

Meanwhile, we continue in communion and in solidarity with Vythiri.


News about it -> Claretian Social Media: desastre-por-inundacion-en- claret-sadan-comunidad- vythiry/ apostoladocmf Missionari.Clarettiani/