4th day of Claretian Family YVM Meeting

In the morning of the fourth day, Frs. Bobin Punnackapadavil and Thomas Paingottu, CMFF helped the participants understand the contexts and characteristics of the youth within the ministry of vocation accompaniment. They highlighted two points that promotes our charismatic identity: care for life and care for the different vocations in the Church. They also underlined the need that the person who accompany should be mindful of the personal process of the youth, their personal life project, and their vocation discernment. The participants worked by continent and shared the different YVM projects of each participating Organism and considered the different challenges in order to effectively implement projects as a family.

In the afternoon, Sr. Elaine Lombardi, MSAMC assisted them in discovering the difference between working in groups and in a team. To help them discover how they function with their different capacities in the activities that are presented to them, they were introduced into the dynamics of creating a paper castle.

With dances and Central American gestures, they expressed in the Eucharist their gratitude to the youth who will participate in the upcoming WYD 2019 in Claretian Family in Panama. The WYD 2019 and the WYD 2019 + CF logo were explained, and they have prayed for the said event.