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Cordimariana filiation is a Secular institute that has its origin in the thought of San Antonio Maria Claret. Consecration and secularity, under the maternal influence of the heart of Mary, constitute our particular form of being church and an appropriate model to carry out our mission in the word, filled with the apostolic zeal of St. Anthony Mary Claret. By consecration we assume to follow and imitate Jesus Christ through the profession of the Evangelical Councils of chastity, poverty and obedience, lived in secularism.


We dream of a fraternity of daughters of the Heart of Mary, faithful to her charisma, extended to every corner of the word and history, deeply determined to make it possible for Christ to continue to be born in every place and heart.

We dream, as daughters of the heart of Mary, to live the extent of their spiritual motherhood, able to hear in any human situation the words of Jesus on the Cross: “Here is your son,” and as Mary, welcome and present to God for all people Scattered until Christ is in them.


Our mission is to remain in the world, bringing the joy of the Gospel to our secularized word and its peripheries, through our daily work, with small unnoticed acts impregnated with the spirit of the Beatitudes.

Of simple acts, we want to give life to the gospel, with maternal love, like Mary. Mindful of the difficulties of our mission, we will always embrace in our hearts the words of our holy founder: “Ye shall abide in the heart of Mary, and this shall suffice.”

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We are present in Europe and South America: Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela.

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