Celebrating 75 years of Grace

When we inaugurated the Web site of the Claretian Family we announced the celebration of the 75 years from the organization of Cordimarian Filiation, thus on the 12th August, we organized a Special Eucharist of Thanksgiving for these years of GRACE with all the Clartetian family, other secular institutes, families and friends.  Together we gave thanks to the Lord for everything we have received during these past years.

Was an intense moment to celebrate the great gift that God has placed in our hands, a great gift for the Church, for each one of us, who, in some way or other are in daily  contact with a Daughter to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, who humbly  received the duty to live and pass on this beautiful charism which was left to us by Saint Anthony Mary Claret.  Was also the time to celebrate the fidelity of many daughters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary who have passed away and who made posible this reality which is now Cordimarian Filiation.

I am sure that, each daughter of the Immaculate Heart of Mary felt the sweet responsability of maintaining this flame. which was started by Claret, alive and that 75 years ago started to take form in the lives of some simple women in Plasencia.   Each one of us felt that we have a special treasure to take care of and even though there is a great difference between the greatness of this gift and our smallness, we were also inundated with great happiness, which cannot be taken away, in the deepness of our hearts knowing that we are loved, chosen and bearers of a light which shines and starts from the Heart of Mary.

Thank you for all the Groups of the Claretian Family,  thank you for the priests, friends and family members who have acompanied us.  Thanks above all to the Lord for this charism which fills our simple lives and thanks to the Heart of Mary for this cloister, “our everything after Jesus”. We walk in the world assured of Claret’s promise:  “You are in the Heart of Mary and that is enough”.

Pily Pérez Bernal, HICM.