Dear Claretian Family!!! This second day of the Congress has been incredible! A wonderful experience of fraternity and communion, which makes us one family.

To begin with we had a very creative dynamic that was in charge of Luis Antonio Huertas, Lay Claretian, around the theme of the congress and in dialogue with the teacher of the first letters of Claret, Don Antonio Pascual, interpreted by Joaquín Ballesteros, Lay Claretian. Then the reflection of the day centred on the following theme: “The tsumani Covid and its effects. The Claretian “replica” in our educational centres”. The theme was illuminated by Marita Laineiker (from Argentina), Soosai Manickam, CMF (from India) and Zuriñe Mengual Garcia (from Spain), who, as they shared the challenges and learnings that Covid 19 has launched in our educational centres, invited us to rethink our task from the audacity and creativity proper to our charism.

The atmosphere of depth and cordiality that was breathed in the moment of sharing what was worked in groups on the characteristics of a Claretian educator and the dialogue with the speakers on what we have learned from the situation of Covid 19 was very inspiring for all those present.

We thank everyone for their willingness to listen and to participate, because this dimension makes the IV Congress very special, characterised by the sharing of experiences, dreams and commitments as a family.