A message of hope from the Claretian Family in southern Europe

The idea came from the coordination group of the Claretian Family of Spain and Portugal, which for years have been carrying out various initiatives, including a youth meeting called “Cruzencuentro”(Cross Encounter).

In this group we are represented by the Claretian Missionaries (Provinces of Fátima, Sanctus Paulus and Santiago), the Claretian Missionaries (Province of Europe), the Secular Institute Cordimarian Filiation , the Claretian Lay People (Northern Region of Spain and the Region of Betica) and the Missionaries of the Claretian Institution.

The proposal was simple: to communicate a message of hope, in the midst of the difficulty we are experiencing due to the Covid-19 pandemic throughout the world, relying on the experience of Father Claret. In some way we wanted an answer to the question: “What would our founder tell us today?” Then accompany him with one of our hymns, as a song of joy and resistance, so that he gives us courage in our response in these difficult times.

In order to do this, each group proposed a member, we made a script and we distributed the tasks. Some of us would sing, others play an instrument, others do the editing … and then we would all share some reflections.

What would Father Claret ask of us to do today?

Pray, help others, work with others, learn from the experience we lived and trust: this is the synthesis of our message.

We decided one morning to do the recording. There was a good family atmosphere, lots of laughing… And after a laborious and careful job, you can find the result of our humble work on: .

We pray that the message of hope that Jesus gives us with his Gospel will, in these difficult times reach many people through his Church throughout the world. And that the Claretian Family will continue to be, as our founder, joyful announcers of the Good News, with the urging of the Holy Spirit of God. So be it.