The General Council of the Layclaretian Movement has announced the convening of the next General Assembly. It will be held from July 13 to 21, 2019 in Medellín, Colombia, under the theme “Together around Him: for the world to believe.”

As the council states in its letter of convocation: “Jesus must be the center of our life and our community. So the importance of our communities being places of encounter with Jesus and with our brothers and sisters, so that we feel strengthened in the faith and we are sent to the world to give testimony of what we are. “

In this next Assembly, in addition, the new wording of the Statutes and Applicable Rules will be approved. In the case of the Statutes, this is a previous and necessary step to be approved by the Lay, Family and Life Department.

The Council encourages members of the movement to participate in this Assembly and asks the whole Claretian family to pray that the protection of Mary and the grace of the Spirit will guide our Movement and the Council itself for the best progress of the meeting.