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The Claretian missionaries were born in Cuba in 1855. Our founders Maria Antonia París (1813-1885) and San Antonio Maria Claret (1807-1870) were very concerned about the renovation of the church. For them it was “to stand up the Gospel”: To be more faithful to Christ by radically living poverty and charity, working tirelessly to announce the good news. The missionary vision of both, together with the desire to live the gospel, converge in a new religious family in the church.


To grow in Claretian fraternity, in the spirit of the family, as brothers, each one with its differences and values. To become aware that we are family and that from the work of each one we feel united to the difficulties and the joys of others.

Share the communion of life and mission and reach concrete projects and actions. This implies implications for the life of each institution and an effort to translate into some common projects our shared mission ideal.


Be signs of the father’s love and instruments for the gift of life to reach its fullness. With this in mind, take care of creation and build a fraternal and solidarity history. A mission that we share with all the disciples of Jesus and with all the men and women who struggle to build a story according to the father’s plan.

A specific gift that God has given us through San Antonio m ª Claret and which, in turn, we share with the various institutions inspired by this experience. Thus, we want to join together our charismatic gifts to bring to the world today the message of Jesus.

Where are we

New homes open in Spain and other parts of Cuba. The congregation is spreading through various countries to bring the gospel to every creature. It is thus true the white and the end, “program” written by Maria Antonia Paris, collected with affection and depth by sisters of diverse cultures. According to the needs of the church and the world, the sisters respond in the educational, parochial and diocesan work, social promotion, work with the consecrated… The fraternity and the encounter with the Lord Jesus, especially in the Eucharist and his word, give them strength. And it is in their lives where we can know better the charisma bequeathed by Antonia Ma Claret and Antonia Ma Paris. Today the congregation is conducting the evangelizing mission in 27 countries.

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