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The Cordimarianas missionaries, we are women who listen to the Call of Jesus "come and follow Me" and we live this experience of following Christ the Missionary. This fills us with joy and we want to share this mission of being heralds of his love for every corner of the earth. We feel content and seduced by God the Trinity, who sends us to live with Apostolic charity and to be missionaries of the kingdom.

We are a female religious institute, with pontifical approval, we make public vows, these are the Evangelical Councils of: poverty, chastity, and obedience that we are specially equipped with the commitment to proclaim the Kingdom of God in our history; Living Sororalmente in community.


Living with simplicity and joy the evangelical sorority sharing our spiritual goods and materials participating in his life and ministries according to our charisma with a strong sense of belonging. We follow the missionary Jesus who is offered to the father for the salvation of all people. Like him, we feel loved daughters of the father and sent to fulfill the mission that has been charged to us.


We are formed in the forge of the heart of Mary, ardent in love and mercy. She forms us to accept the word in our hearts; And he teaches us to listen, to meditate, to make life and to proclaim it with joy all over the world. We learn from it the traits of the perfect disciple, carrying a deep life of prayer, which drives us to work until we wear the kingdom. We announce a god rich in mercy and we preach the Gospel with a seal of humility, simplicity and fraternal love.

Where are we

We were founded on March 19, 1921 in Mexico City, D.F., by Mother Carmen Serrano and Rugama and Fr. Julián Collel and Guix, missionary Claretian. We are currently in the Americas: Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and the United States of America.

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