From September 3 to October 28, 2018, in the Virtual Classroom of the “Ambiente Virtual de Apredizagem del Claretiano” – Centro Universitário Claretiano, Brasil, 95 members of the Claretian family (90 as students and 5 as tutors), representatives of 7 branches of the 8 institutions that form it, will participate in the course for the responsible for the Pastoral Care of Young People and Vocations of the Claretian Family. A unique opportunity to grow in our evangelizing service to young people and strengthen the bonds that make us a missionary family at the service of the Church in the world. It is a true historical event for our Family!

The course has six modules:

Module 1: Introduction. Duration: 1 week
The online course is presented In this first module within the framework of a formation proposal addressed to those responsible of the Claretian Family Youth and Vocations Ministry. The biblical, ecclesial and charismatic foundations of the proposal are also offered here.

Module 2: The Youth and their realities. Duration 1 week
In the second module a description of the Youth realities of our world are presented in relation with the digital continent and the calls from Pope Francis. Besides seven steps for a pastoral spirituality with the youth of the iGen and, a biblical image as well as a Claretian image for contemplation are offered.

Module 3: Youth Ministry and the Vocations Ministry, as specific ministries. Duration: 1 week
In the third module the definition and characteristics of a Claretian Youth and Vocations ministry, the pedagogy and criteria of the vocational process and, some operational questions within the biblical and charismatic frameworks, are presented.

Module 4: Claretian Traits of the Youth and Vocations Ministry. Duration 2 weeks
In the fourth module we present the distinctive traits of our pastoral proposal: The missionary discipleship; the biblical and communal dimension; the exit toward the peripheries; the work for justice, peace and integrity of creation; the shared mission and the accompaniment of the young people as dialogue and prophesy.

Module 5: The Pastoral Planning. Duration: 2 weeks
In the fifth module, in order to plan our pastoral action, we are invited to contemplate the reality of the young people with a vision of faith, and to discern the will of God in their lives. For this, the objectives we set, the processes and necessary dynamisms, and six concrete steps to plan, are mentioned. The passage of the Risen Jesus with the disciples of Emmaus and some reflections on the action of the Holy Spirit in the life of Claret, serve as a reference framework.

Module 6 : Evaluations. Multiple Options and Final Work. Duration: 1 week
The sixth module is a quantitative and qualitative evaluation of what has been learned. The quantitative evaluation will be done through a multiple choice questionnaire on the themes of the program and, the qualitative evaluation, instead, will consist in choosing and in developing one of the two options which we describe below: To write a reflection of 5000 characters, spaces not included, or to make a pastoral proposal to improve what already exists in each Continent, in relation to the Youth and Vocations Claretian Ministry.

We entrust to God, the participation, commitment, reflection and study of these contents so that they can really make a difference in our pastoral work.